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Welcome to Carson-Clark Careers
Career Coaching and Career Counseling

A significant number of graduating college students, young adults, experienced professionals, and people in transition are confused about how to find satisfying and energizing careers. 

Have questions about the future?  How to choose a career?  How to find a good job?  Should graduate school be the next step?  What does the future hold?

Carson-Clark Careers, a Dallas company, can help answer these questions.  Our one-on-one career counseling and unique workshop-based programs help individuals understand themselves, identify options, and create strategies targeted toward a productive and successful future.  The benefits of our programs include:

  • Insight about personal characteristics
  • A stronger sense of self and life direction
  • Confidence to take charge of  life to achieve goals
  • Exploration of career issues and challenges in a non-threatening environment
  • Expert coaching on lifetime career planning and goal setting
  • Training in proven job search techniques as well as other tools and resources

Who would benefit?

  • New and recent college graduates looking to start careers or considering graduate school
  • High school and college students choosing a major or identifying career direction
  • Experienced professionals and executives refining career goals or making a career/job change
  • Women re-entering the job market
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